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How I increased my productivity in under a minute

I find the links toolbar in Firefox very useful.  I add all my commonly-used links, grouped into folders.  E.g. under "Tools" I have "application" sites like online banking.  Under "News" I have Google Reader and a few news sites I like to keep up with.  Under "Discuss" I have a few forums.  That's not the trick, though - here's the trick:


A few days ago I moved all forum and news-type sites to a new folder...

..."Waste Time".


Seriously, it works.  Now instead of unconsciously opening a news site when I'm thinking about something and blowing half an hour (that I can't afford), I'm very aware of what that folder represents!  I'm treating sites in that folder far more gingerly.  Every time I wander over to get a dose of news I see "Waste Time" and I slink back to doing some work!


  1. Anonymous29.5.08

    Great tip! Thanks, will have to do that too :)

  2. Anonymous13.7.08

    Hey thats the first software ever that i actually *bought* a real licence for.
    Cool huh?

    Do more updates now!! : )

    p.s. Thank you man!

  3. Anonymous13.7.08

    uh wrong post, sry