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Vote for Tudumo!

I received an email from a really supportive user ( who pointed me at a page on Lifehacker - a vote for the best GTD app.  So if you have a minute, take a look:

In other (geeky) news, I also got one of only 10 000 Google App Engine invites so will be thinking hard about how to use infinite online power for Tudumo.  Need more time, time...


  1. A web-based version of Tudumo sounds great, but please keep the fat-client version too. One of the reasons I like Tudumo so much is because I can use it when I'm offline.

  2. Absolutely. First would be syncing via the server and then maybe a look at a web view - all in support of the desktop application.

  3. Would syncing with something like, which has a public API, make sense?

  4. Hi Phil - I'll maybe answer that in a post so more people can read it. Thanks for the question!