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What's in a name?

If you've been reading this blog since the beginning (thanks, honey) you'll know that Tudumo wasn't always Tudumo. It had a name that was very obviously wrong - partly to force myself to come up with a better one!

When a cute name did strike me, I discovered that Todomo was taken. Naturally. So Tudumo was born.

But looking at how people writing into the Google Group spell it, and looking at search terms that people use to find it, I've discovered that what I thought was a cute name has a curious side-effect. I get things like:

Tudomo (the most often!)
(Update - also found tomodo and tudmo...)

So I guess you just can't win! What I do find is interesting is that while I rate okay for "gtd windows" and "windows gtd", and okay for "gtd software" on Google, most people finding Tudumo are searching for...Tudumo. I have to assume that they know where the Tudumo website is, so it's possible that people are either in the habit of Googling even for names they know well, or word-of-mouth is doing it's thing. The latter would be great! Another useful effect is that pages that link to Tudumo sometimes mis-spell the name, so searchers benefit from the same mis-spelling.

Okay, enough rambling. Some features...

Tudumo now has a quick-entry window. If you have the latest update and have Tudumo running in the background, use ctrl-win-t and it'll popup the window. Any items (one per line) will be added to the Tudumo list, chop-chop. I haven't done any clever text parsing but we'll see how it goes. Since it's the first version of that feature, there will likely be changes.

There are also a couple of printing improvements - you can set the margins under the Page Setup. And the usual bugfixes!


  1. Are we going to see recurring tasks in tudumo?

  2. Anonymous10.11.07

    Just found Your software. Marvelous! Thanks!

  3. Shawn: yup, definitely. Going to start on that soon.