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Tudumo Tip - selecting multiple tags

Firstly, I'd like to say that we've had quite a few updates to Tudumo over the last few weeks, as feedback has come in and bugfixes have happened. So if you're not sure if you're running the latest version, go to the help menu and click "Check for updates". I usually post changes over at the Google Group if you're interested.

Now, today's tip. One benefit to using tags as compared to folders is that you can add more than one tag to each action. This is great because you don't rely on only one association - so you don't have to decide upfront how you want to structure your actions.

But there's another trick - a bit of an easter egg. When filtering by a tag (let's say "@Home") and you want to see items with "fishing" as well, hit the control key and click on the second tag. This will perform an "OR" in programmer-speak, and essentially show you only actions that have either "@Home" or "fishing" in them.


  1. Hi, just downloaded the app and started to play with it. Nice. What is the way to do an AND selection instead of the OR selection?

  2. Hi tamas,

    I've checked and enabled that functionality again but not in the version you're using. There should be an update in a few days.

    But, when it's in, use shift-click to do an AND.

  3. Oh, awesome - thanks!