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Importing's a drag

If you're looking at your newly minted Tudumo view and you're not sure how to get your hand-tweaked text file in there without retyping everything, fear not!

If you drag a bunch of text into Tudumo it'll eat it up and spit out a bunch of actions, one per line of text. Similarly, copy and paste works - copy a bunch of text, move up/down in Tudumo to the place you'd like the new actions to be, hit ctrl-p (for paste) and gape in wonder as actions appear before your eyes.

Predictably, this works in the other direction. If you're sick of Tudumo and would love to get back to that zoomy notepad, just copy a set of actions (or headings) and it'll spit out as text. I did that tonight into Excel. Works, I promise.

And for those of you still reading - check for the latest version. A few bugfixes and another very slinky feature - will post about that tomorrow.

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